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Brace Yourselves: 3D Printing is Coming

Everyone who has seen the popular HBO series: Game of Thrones has probably thought about having a pet dire wolf. Jeremy Slavitz decided to use 3D printing to make that thought a reality.

I really wanted to make something using the 3D printers to verify that they are in fact as ridiculously powerful and capable as I’d believed they were. – Jeremy

Jeremy found the design when browsing Thingiverse, and once he showed me the final product it was hard not to show my envy.

I was fascinated by the dire wolf for a couple reasons – first it had a unique polygonal shape – something usually only seen in old video games, not something professional sculptors make.

I love it: using a 3D printer to create something in a style you want. Jeremy knew that sculptures don’t typically design their works in this style, so he took the art into his own hands, and into the Jumbo Maker Studio. I challenge you to follow Jeremy’s lead and test out just how powerful 3D printers are. You won’t be disappointed.