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Making-related courses at Tufts.

ME-84 Intro to Robotics and Mechatronics

Students "Signup" (top right) to create a student account, using the "Class ID" you were given. Description Introduction to controls, image processing, sensor development, filtering, and state machines through weekly robotic competitions. Basic concepts from circuit theory,…

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Simple Robotics Fall 2016

A test page for Ethan Danahy's Simple Robotics course. Lectures Simple Robotics Lecture - 20160907.pdf Simple Robotics Lecture - 20160909.pdf Simple Robotics Lecture - 20160912.pdf Simple Robotics Lecture - 20160914.pdf Simple Robotics Lecture - 20160916.pdf Simple Robotics Lecture - 20160919.pdf…

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ME 184: Robotics

This is the course page for ME 184; a broad review of theoretical and applied aspects of robotic manipulators and mobile robots. Statics, kinematics, dynamics, actuation, sensing, sensor fusion, trajectory planning and control with hands-on applications.

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