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Daily Design: Cookie Cutting!

I should really slow down with all the alliteration. As someone who loves baking, I’m really excited about this one. See those really cool Jumbo themed cookie cutters? Look at them. You can make COOKIES that look like that. I have always had a thing for eating shaped foods, notably Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (Pasta in the shape of Pikachu? How can you say no?). But with, you choose what shape you put into your mouth.

While there are, and have been, shaped cookie cutters on the market, why not make your own? You can make any design you want, and it’s very easy. The design software is simple, allowing the user to create straight lines with a point and a click. There are two great features here. One is the drawing assist, which helps keep to attach line and keep them parallel. If free hand isn’t your style, you can actually upload an image and trace it.

This whole process won’t take you more than 10 minutes. Instead of procrastinating on that spreadsheet at work, make a quick design, and email it to, and get one printed! Who said you can’t be productive while procrastinating?