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Makerspace Research at Tufts University

What makerspace research is happening at Tufts University? Through interviews with faculty, post-docs, staff, graduate students, and local teacher and student partners, this film explores much of the research and developments, as well as philosophies and contemplations, that are happening at Tufts University as related to makerspaces. From groups such as the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO) to departments ranging from Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Education, Child Development, and Occupational Therapy, many individuals at Tufts are involved in better understanding the maker movement, the role of makerspaces in supporting making and engineering, the design of the physical environments themselves, as well as the impact that makerspaces can have on the educational space, ranging from pre-K through primary and secondary education all the way to including university-aged learning.

Featuring conversations with Brian Gravel, Marina Bers, Chris Rogers, Amanda Strawhacker, David Alsdorf, Rachel Schwartz, Chris Hoeh, Karen Miel, Ghislain Mompremier, Miki Vizner, Ethan Danahy, Kristen Wendell, Amy Fleischer, Matthew Mueller, Elissa Milto, Aaron Johnson, Andy Braren, Susan Bitetti, Fay Shaw, and Brian O'Connell.

Special thanks to collaborating schools, educators, and industry partners. Interviews and editing by David Alsdorf.