Tufts Entrepreneurs Society

The Tufts Entrepreneurs Society (TES) organizes events on campus and in Boston focused on bringing together the greatest minds at Tufts. Throughout the year, TES brings students together in intellectual, social, and business environments. Through valuable connections with faculty, alumni, students, and Boston-area professionals the Entrepreneurs Society brings expertise to all students involved.

The Tufts Entrepreneurs Society’s mission is to provide robust resources and a close-knit community for student entrepreneurs to build big at Tufts.

We accomplish this in three ways:

  1. We bring together a network of students who are relentlessly committed to building their projects or ventures - from those who have already launched their enterprises to those who are developing their skills in the fields of business development, programming, or design.

  2. We organize meetups, co-working sessions, and social events, transforming this network into a thriving hub for students to learn and create together and draw from the invaluable support and inspiration of their peers. The talent, skills, and synergy of the group catalyze the continuous refinement and advancement of each member’s individual project.

  3. We invite speakers, organize workshops, and host collaborative events to provide members with access to the specialized knowledge and hands-on experience needed to enhance their ventures.