Tufts Gamedev Guild

The Tufts Gamedev Guild is a student-run group focused around facilitating student-made games and healthy workspaces.

Description via Facebook:

1. The Guild is here for everyone.

Whether ye be an apprentice, journeyman, or master, all skill levels are welcome, as are game content creators of all kinds: writers, sound designers, programmers, technical artists, voice actors, you name it!

2. The Guild is here to serve you.

We do not make one giant game project every semester, like some other universities' gamedev groups.
We work together towards the advancement of personal or group projects independent of the Guild.
If you want to make a game, we want to give you the tools to learn to make it yours.

3. The Guild is not a gaming club.

The Tufts Gaming Hub is a lovely community of individuals who meet up to play games. Please join them if that's all you wish to do. Obviously playtesting and exposure to games is very important, but it's vital to remember the Tufts Gamedev Guild's main objective, which is to help you make games.

Go forth.