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Documentation Station

The documentation station I'm prototyping is currently being catered towards/tested in a 5th grade Novel Engineering classroom.

Where we are with the Doc Station now...

Raspberry pi running python code (currently using, a giant green push button which takes or deletes photos, and a USB stick which can be removed at the end of the class for the teacher to access photos

Whiteboard prompts that can be included in photographs, as inspired by Imagination Station where it was found that elementary age students were more up for writing on whiteboards than "game of school" pencil and paper.

Here's other bells and whistles we would like....

  • runs python code on start-up and a power-off button (safe shutdown may allow for proper start-up, haven't gotten both features to work hand-in-hand)
  • leveraging touchscreen capabilities of our 7-in LCD touchscreen (ie enable overlay of sketches or text onto images by students)
  • most efficient and easy to use "packaging"
  • generally making the best possible user interface, which is up for debate
  • further development of prompts catered towards the different stages and challenges of the design process