JumboTap RFID Tag System

Through the Tufts Maker Network, Tufts students have access to all the specialized materials and equipment they need to turn their ideas into reality. With so many new tools to explore, students quickly run into challenges, or want to ask for advice. Engineers at the CEEO are working to create an automated system for tracking this kind of maker activity, and providing just-in-time help when students get stuck.

JumboTap terminals in each space allow makers to start and stop individual sessions with each machine station. A handy “Help” button alerts the knowledgeable volunteer makers, researchers, or faculty members who run each space to stop by and help that student get started. The JumboTap terminal also lets students document and share their work. “Snap” buttons on the terminal take a picture of the awesome new creation, and post it directly on the Tufts Maker Network website, where students can show off the result of their hard work.

The development and use of the JumboTap RFID terminals are the focus of a doctoral dissertation in Mechanical Engineering, with a focus on Engineering Education. The terminals were developed as part of a CEEO Innovation Fund grant.