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Skype Call Box

The purpose of this project is to have an easy way to see if our boss Chris was in his office, and to contact him easily without having to text or email him. Since Chris’s office is over a mile away, it is not feasible to walk over to check if he is in his office. Instead we created 2 myRIOs, with separate programs that communicate to each other using thingworx. The RIO in Chris’s office has a photosensor, and the program sends the state of the photosensor to the thingworx cloud. The RIO at the CEEO (where all the employees are) has an LED light that turns on or off based on if Chris’s office lights are on or off. There is also a button on the RIO at the CEEO that can send an alert to Chris (flashes an LED and makes a buzzer sound). Chris can then respond by pressing one of two buttons on his side. One button will send a message back to the CEEO saying that he is busy, whereas the other will automatically start up a skype call with the business skype username.