This was a relatively short project in which we designed and 3D printed mini-sumo robots. They will be featured in a Tufts web communications video.

Future work lies in iterating the design a few more times and assembling kits to sell to raise funds for more club projects.

See the working wiki for current work being done with these bots.

Check out

Anatomy of a Sumobot – a basic list of parts

How to program your sumobot – a quick Arduino tutorial with example code

Google Docs Folder

Arduino Robotics Shield


Feature in the Tufts Web Communications Video/Article

Test Video

Photo Gallery


The Sumobot Arduino Shield – Robot_Shield_v2.pdf

(see attachments below for Eagle files)

Costs Rundown:

Cost of Components = $9.57 (<$10) per board

(shown in BOM below)

All of the parts can be ordered from mouser so shipping should be <$10 per order Cost of circuit board:

BatchPCB => $12.34/board + 15.35 S&H

Golden Phoenix => $100/20 boards + free S&H

A good cost calculator for multiple PCB manufacturing services from Ladyada…