The Rover Writer 1

This was the final project for my advanced robotics class. Our goal was to design a robot that could take in an image, process it, and then recreate it on paper. The method we decided to use was that of a mobile printer – the wireless device goes through the image one pixel at a time starting with the upper left corner, and as it moves to each new pixel, it figures out which of four pre-selected colors the image most closely resembles, and then rotates to the appropriate pen on the robot, dropping it down to draw a colored dot. It continues to move through the image following the same process until it completes the image.

To see a much more detailed description of our approach and final design, in addition to code samples and videos of the robot in action, check out this link to a website we built that details the weeks we spent working on the robot. We are also planning on independently working on improving the robot's functionality and accuracy throughout the upcoming spring semester.