Bray Design Lab

The Design Lab within Bray is a space to ideate, design and prototype. It has a projector, tables, whiteboards, and two 3D printers available to all Tufts students and faculty.

Drop in to check out and use the the space, or sign up for an Intro to the Design Lab’s 3D Printers event to gain access to the space's 3D printers.


Nov. 23 – Friday, Nov. 25: Bray will be closed for Thanksgiving

MakerTag System (RFID)
To keep track of which equipment you've been trained on, Bray Lab has implemented a new RFID tracking system that controls the laser cutter and ShopBot CNC router. After you've been trained, our staff will help you set up either an RFID sticker or keychain that will allow you to control these machines.