Bray Mechatronics Zone

The Mechatronics Zone is a workplace for creating technology.

Drop-in to use the space and equipment, or sign up for an Intro to Soldering, Wire Bender or Desktop mill to gain access to the equipment.


Nov. 23 – Friday, Nov. 25: Bray will be closed for Thanksgiving

Tools & Materials

The Mechatronics Lab is filled with tons of cool and useful tools. We have just about everything you need to build circuits, create small mechanical objects, attach two things, test/manipulate an electronic device, screw or unscrew anything, solder, and more!

Here’s an abbreviated list of some of the things we have. We also have a lot of tools related to these items:

  • nuts, washers, bolts, screws (you have no idea, we have so many screws), etc.
  • safety goggles/gloves
  • LCD displays
  • ICs (both programmable and not)
  • servo hardware
  • switches, buttons
  • mics
  • relays
  • Arduino Nano and Uno, and one obsolete, Italian Arduino
  • zipties
  • hammer/nails
  • clamps
  • levels
  • so many wires
  • wrenches
  • socket wrenches
  • screwdrivers
  • foam
  • saws
  • batteries
  • springs
  • twine
  • tape
  • cable ties
  • LEDs, diodes
  • many different sensors
  • power supplies
  • wheels/bearings
  • soldering supplies
  • multimeters
  • hot glue
  • cameras (for circuit use)
  • tubes
  • gears
  • LEGO Mindstorm NXT
  • IR thermometers
  • tool kits
  • heat guns
  • clips/fasteners
  • breadboards
  • resistors/capacitors/etc.