Crafts Center

The Crafts Center is a TCU-funded, student-run arts and crafts makerspace located in the basement of Lewis Hall. All supplies and tools are available for any student to use at no cost, but must be kept in the Center so that everyone can utilize them.

Join our Facebook page to keep up with the latest events and activities we have planned. If you'd like to volunteer at the Crafts Center or help us run workshops, contact the space manager.

Groups: If you're a student group interested in reserving the space for an activity, please contact the space manager. If you plan to use a lot of supplies, we ask that you purchase them ahead of time using your own group's budget. We unfortunately don't have the funds to provide materials for all groups.

Stations & Tools

The Crafts Center has a wide variety of craft-related tools and materials that we've grouped into stations. Each station manager is listed in the sidebar. Contact them if a station is missing materials or you'd like help with a specific project.

Candle & Soap Making


General craft, drawing, and decoration

Glitter, Sticker-making, Crafting basics (tape, glue, markers, crayons), Charcoal, Pencils

Jewelry, metal, and glass-working

Jewelry, Button making, Chain mail & scale mail, Metalworking, Stained Glass, Mosaics

Paint Craft

Oil, Acrylic, Tempera, Watercolor, Enamel & house paint, Spray paint

Fiber Craft

Sewing, Weaving, Knitting, Crocheting, Spinning

Paper Craft

Paper stock, Paper making, Book binding

Screen-printing (silkscreening), Block Printing, Rubber Stamp making / stamping


We're currently working on a safety training policy that will allow students to use our woodworking power tools and saws. Unfortunately, until that new plan is in place, the Crafts Center's woodworking station is off-limits.


Everything has a home!

Please return all tools and materials to their proper locations after you finish crafting.

This is not a shopping mall for art supplies!

We do not lend out materials. Projects must be completed in the Crafts Center.

No equipment or tools are ever to leave Crafts Center.

They must remain on the premises so that other members can use them.


  1. Be excellent to your fellow crafters. Be considerate of this shared space. We are all here to make things and learn from each other. Collaboration and communication are important! 2. Ask if you cannot find something or need help with a craft.
  2. Respect the equipment. Notify volunteers of any problem with equipment as soon as you notice. Only operate equipment you are authorized to use, trained on, and comfortable using.
  3. Keep things tidy. Clean up after yourself. Maintain your work area. Keep things organized. Always leave the space better than you found it.
  4. Stay safe! Safety is your top priority when using this space. Know all the locations of all first aid, fire, and safety equipment. If you are not sure what you are doing, ask.