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Allison Kuperman

Currently studying Human Factors and Communications & Media Studies at Tufts University

UX / Usability / Interface Design / User Research / Media Studies / Gender & Sexuality Studies


Oreo De-creamer

Start with something small When our group met with Dan Hannon to discuss the idea of starting a new product and making-oriented club, he suggested that we test out the idea with something small and fun. A video of an Oreo cookie separator was floating around the internet at the time, so we decided…

Mar 29 2013 Read →

Box Projector

During Tufts MAKE's first general interest meeting we had students think of project ideas they'd like to work on. One student was interested in creating an inexpensive portable projector, so we built this shoebox prototype using instructions we found online. Components The prototype is made of just…

Dec 31 1969 Read →

Tufts Dash

The Big Idea “All of Tufts at a glance” Year after year, Tufts students are increasingly relying on their smartphones to check their dining hall’s menu, look up the Joey’s schedule, and find Tufts-based events to attend. The problem is that doing so is a big pain using a smartphone’s web browser – particularl…

Dec 31 1969 Read →