Chop Saw

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The Shop in Bray Lab has a Kalamazoo Wet Abrasive Cut-off Saw with a 14" wheel and 28x16" bed size that can be used to cut metal.

This is dangerous piece of equipment, with a spindle that can go up to 2,200 RPM.


  • Choose correct wheel for material being cut
  • Hold workpiece securely in vise (workpiece movement during cutting can result in a
    broken wheel)
  • Position workpiece slightly ahead of wheel center (towards operator); small parts
    positioned too far behind wheel center will cause wheel bounce

Safe Operation

  • Press Green start button
  • Turn on coolant spray
  • Stand on one side of the cutting wheel (to avoid sparks)
  • Pull saw handle to lower cutting wheel, apply appropriate pressure let the wheel do
    the work


  • Clean table, floor, and surrounding work area