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Drill Press

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The Shop in Bray Lab has a Delta DP300 Shopmaster 12-Inch Drill Press. It can drill holes in a variety of materials, including plastic, wood, and metal, depending on the bit used.


  • Prevent workpiece rotation by clamping your piece to the table
  • Adjust height of table to make drilling comfortable for you by loosening the table height lock and raising/lowering the workspace to your liking
  • Install proper drill bit- make sure you hold the bit while installing and removing from chuck, tighten chuck with chuck key, Remove Chuck Key
  • Make sure all locks are tightened before you begin drilling
  • Clear table of all extra objects before starting the machine

Safe Operation

  • Select appropriate spindle speed before starting the drill press
  • Don’t force the drill too hard-let the tool do it’s job
  • Drilling should never produce smoke; if this happens use spray coolant, reduce the spindle speed, clear out the excess chips, or get a sharp bit
  • Don’t touch your piece until the spindle has come to a complete stop


Make sure bits are returned to their proper location.