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Horizontal Band Saw

(Originally from here)

The Shop in Bray Lab has a horizontal band saw available for metal-cutting.


  • Lift Blade to place your workpiece in the vice
  • Workpiece must be balanced on the vice (if your piece is too short use a scrap piece to balance the vice)
  • If your work piece is long rest it on the stand

Safe operation

  • Always clamp workpieces tightly in the vice
  • Use the ON/OFF dial to control the speed at which the blade drops (the slower the drop the straighter the cut)
  • Drop the blade to be about 1/4″ above the piece before you begin the Cut and check your measurements
  • Turn on the coolant
  • Turn on the machine and allow it to do the cutting
  • Turn off the machine when the cut has finished and carefully remove your piece from the vice
  • Use a file to de-burr both sides of the cut


  • Clean table, floor, and surrounding work area