Maker Interns 2016

From 2015-2016 a team of undergraduate Maker Interns from Tufts University's Center for Engineering Education and Outreach created a series of project ideas for teaching biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics through making.


Roller Coaster Physics

Design and build a roller coaster using everyday items, learning concepts in physics along the way. Trang Ngo & Will Luna, Tufts University CEEO 2015 Final Project The roller coaster is meant to be used as a tool for easily explaining various concepts in physics, including gravity, friction,…

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Arduino Arcade

Have students build a simple arcade-style game using Arduino, breadboard, resistors, LEDs, buttons, sensors, and any other electronics materials available. Students should code some program to help keep score or determine the game's winner. Students can build games such as Whack-a-Mole, copy cat…

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