Tufts MAKE

Tufts MAKE is a team-based design group that explores new ideas by making awesome things.

Each week we learn about and practice each phase of the product design process by working on a variety of cool projects.

What do we make?

Websites, toboggans, projectors, apps, speakers, furniture, assistive devices, dance machines, scarves, giant waffle-makers, Oreo de-creamers; you name it. If you want to make or learn more about something by working with others, then we want to help. That’s why we exist.


Baby BB-8

In late January a video of a bluetooth-controlled BB-8 droid created by Angelo Casimiro started circulating around the tech news circuit. Angelo's detailed instructions and well-made video were particularly interesting because he managed to build his BB-8 for just $120 by cleverly using cheap…

Dec 6 2017 Read →

Maker Tools

Maker Tools is a suite of makerspace technologies that tackle many of the common problems that makerspaces encounter within universities, libraries, and classrooms. These tools are being developed by graduate and undergraduate students at the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO).…

Nov 2 2016 Read →

Oreo De-creamer

Start with something small When our group met with Dan Hannon to discuss the idea of starting a new product and making-oriented club, he suggested that we test out the idea with something small and fun. A video of an Oreo cookie separator was floating around the internet at the time, so we decided…

Mar 29 2013 Read →