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Ethan Danahy

Ethan Danahy is a Research Assistant Professor in the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO).


Maker Tools

Maker Tools is a suite of makerspace technologies that tackle many of the common problems that makerspaces encounter within universities, libraries, and classrooms. These tools are being developed by graduate and undergraduate students at the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO).…

Nov 2 2016 Read →

Distributed EV3

The Problem Using wires for communication and power imposes several constraints on users. Wires need to be hooked up correctly and can get in the way of the motions you want your robot to execute. Also, the centralized brick provides several limitations, as sensors and motors must be within a…

Aug 10 2016 Read →

Event-Driven EV3

Why Event-Driven EV3? New EV3 users often encounter challenges translating their ideas into functioning code. It seems, intuitively, like the solution to certain problems should be obvious, but it is actually syntactically complex. One such problem is how to perform an operation whenever a certain…

Aug 10 2016 Read →

Online RoboLab

Motivation: One of the biggest problems we've encountered in introducing the LEGO ev3 robotic kit into the classroom was the availability of laptops and software. This project intends to eliminate this barrier so that any classrooms with available networks could conduct activities using the ev3…

Aug 10 2016 Read →

Python Programming for the EV3

What does programming in Python on a Linux system for the EV3 enable you to do? Running a Linux system on the EV3 brick allows you to expand the functions of the EV3. Some examples include: Posting to social media (FB, Twitter, etc.) Sending data between multiple EV3s and interpreting data from…

Aug 10 2016 Read →

WeDo Internet of Things

The Problem The use of the LEGO WeDo 2.0 is limited to the WeDo software, which is very graphical and simple in nature, allowing children to easily use the system. However, the WeDo can only communicate back and forth to the WeDo software and nothing else. By using the WeDo Software Developer Kit,…

Aug 9 2016 Read →

EV3 Quickstart

The Problem Robotics kits such as the LEGO EV3 system often have a high barrier to entry. If you are new to robotics you have to experiment and learn how the motors and sensors work and the capabilities of each component. However, in order to do that you must also know how to program your robot.…

Jul 7 2016 Read →

Physical Programming for the EV3

Programming a LEGO EV3 Robot by Physical Manipulation

Jul 5 2016 Read →